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Hello! I upload sketches and occasionally complain about life. I'm in a good spot in my life as of right now though. Doing better than I was a while back. <3

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Cold Weather is best Weather

Posted by Jake87Game - September 22nd, 2018

Been a while since I loaded up Newgrounds. Took a break from the internet. I needed to let my brain rest. Can't say it got much rest to be honest... but I tried. 

Overall I have been alright. Today is just amazing, the air is chilly and feels great, and I am in an awesome mood! School has been... well it's been bearable to say the least. Lots of dumb drama, a few silent internal attacks during class, an existential crisis again, but nothing too new I guess. At home I have been pretty happy for the most part.

My sister, who has been nothing but negative and hateful towards me my entire life, has decided this week to be the most loving caring thoughtful sister she can be and it's pretty suspicious. I think she wants something other than just a family bond. Sure seems like it.

The weather is just SO AWESOME! It is cold! COLD! The first cold day since Summer started! I love the cold with a passion! The feeling of the air when I breathe in, the dryness, the lack of annoying biting insects! It is just amazing! I really want to get in my car and just drive with the windows down and listen to San Holo... buuut I still have half a year before I even take drivers ed so that is a big nope.

Korea Club is getting better too! I have the phonetic alphabet, and I know a bit of the vocabulary too. Enough to say Hello, How are you, Introduce myself, Yes, and No. The Taekwondo I am also getting better in too so there is that.

I've also drawn a bit more, and I'll need to get around to transferring those images to my laptop so I can upload them here. A dragon a few dinos, and a Mosasaur!

That ImNotEmo idea... yeah fuck that lol. I was super tired when I made that post I did not give it ANY thought. It is super dumb. My current name is perfectly fine, I was just pressured to make something original. I'm fine with what I have lol.

I'm super excited for Volume 6 of RWBY! I am rewatching Vol5 to catch myself up.

I'm also thinking of getting back with my exgirlfriend. It is quite obvious she is into me again, I am kind of into her again, and we've gotten over our summer dispute that drove us apart. But her Dad is my real issue. He is insane. You know those stereotypes where the father threatens his daughters BF with a Shotgun? He would instead use a medieval greatsword or warhammer. Pretty sure he owns them too.

He is super into things like LARPing and DnD and gaming, but he is such a narcisisstic asshole. Everything is about superiority with him. Everything! I can not stand him and his dipshittery. With an ego that size I'm guessing something else of his is quite tiny owo

Felt like giving a little update. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend <3