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Carnival games are rigged x_x

Posted by Jake87Game - July 11th, 2018

The Carnival/Fair was in town today and I went with my family and some of their friends. One of the friends is a kid a bit younger than me. He's pretty chill, but not like a good friend. More of a hangout buddy lol. We went on the two biggest rides first together. Wonderful idea I know.

I'm not much of a roller coaster kinda guy. especially ones that go upside down, or ones where the bar that holds you in has some wiggle room. I see people all around me smiling and relaxing, while I'm shutting my eyes as tight as possible clinging to the damn seat for my own life so tight that I get blisters on my fingers and palms swearing so much and so loud it puts sailors to shame! 


Yeah... I'm that guy

We walk around for a bit as the other kids go from ride to ride. I thought I spotted a cute stuffed Shinx (A Pokemon for you heckin normies) at one of the games, but I don't see it anymore and it's image is stuck in the very back of my mind.

The next hour or so was spent waiting around to go home. I don't want to go on anymore rides for reasons unknown, and I don't feel like playing any of the games since they're obviously rigged.

The sun is close to setting and I go see a trampoline/juggling show with the group. It was okay. Nothing too spectacular, but not disappointing. Except the music. If Mainstream Media is going to use dubstep (or EDM of any kind) then could they at least pick a good song instead of a garbage "wub" song from 2010?

I have 15 bucks on me and thats when I see it. The adorable stuffed Shinx. It's at a Balloon Dart Throwing game and is the second highest prize. I ask the guy at the stand how do I earn the Shinx, and he says that each of the balloons has a tag with a random score on it, and he'll add the score up. The Shinx being 150 points. For 5 dolars I get 3 shots. 10 for 5 shots and he'll double my socre, and finally 20 for 7 shots and he'll triple my score.

I give him 10 and throw my 5 darts. Miss two ballons but hit the other 3. I only get a score of 50. The game is totally rigged. So I didn't get my Shinx, but instead I was able to take the Bob Marley equivalent of a Banana. I'll just order a Shinx off of Amazon or something lol.

I have had Shinx on the brain since then, and I think I may try and draw one. Something different from a dinosaur since I'm feeling a bit drained on those. Shinx is probably in my top 5 list of favorite pokemon.


1. Seviper. In Pokemon Y, I caught a random female Seviper thinking she would just go into the PC like all the others I caught and didn't feel like using. But instead, I kept using her and she ended up being my first Pokemon to reach lvl100 and she was my strongest Pokemon ever! I also grew a bit emotionally attached to the Seviper due to the new option of playing with your Pokemon and bulding an ingame bond. For this reason Seviper will be my favorite Pokemon for a looooong time!

2. Eevee. I do not understand how anything can be so fricken adorable. It is ungodly how cute Eevee is. 

3. Shinx. I had a Pokemon Ranger game for my DS a few years back. This was my first encounter with a Shinx. When I first saw one I immediately knew it had to be mine (even though the captures in Pokemon Ranger are only temporary lol). It looked so cute and I wanted to hop into the game and hold it in my arms. God I sound so dumb right now XD

4. Cyndaquill. My first ever actual Pokemon game was Heartgold. Cyndaquill was the fire-type starter, the others being Totadile the ater-type, and Chikorita the grass-type. I had trouble deciding what my very first pokemon would be, mostly between Cyndaquill and Chikorita. I didn't care for Totadile lol. I eventually chose Cyndaquill, making it the very first Pokemon I ever owned.

5. Lilipup, Herdier, and Stoutland. These are all in the same evolution line, and they all look so much like my old friend Toby. He was my dog. Emphasis on my. He loved me the most out of the whole family by a major longshot and I may have loved him more than my siblings. He disappeared randomly one day, no trace left. This was almost a year ago. He was with me ever since he was just a pup, a few months old. When he left, I could tell he was going to die soon. I couldn't tell when, just that it would happen soon. His body went from the beautiful tan on his face and his shiny bluish coat to a more aged brown and a scraggly grey coat on his back. When he disappeared, I didn't now what to feel. I was unable to know if he was dead or not, and I was left to assume the worst. It's not like I was able to hold a funeral, or lay him to rest. He just vanished. No trace. No fur. No footprints. Nothin. And this pokemon reminds me so much of him that I put the pokemon in this list to sort of Honor him. I will never forget Toby.


Sorry for depressing you. The point of this post was to rant about that Shinx plushie, I didn't think I'd end up venting about my dog. I'm gonna go draw a Shinx now, I'll post it here if it turns out alright.